Meta Tag Analyzer

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Meta Tag Analyzer


This handy tool helps you optimize your website and pages SEO.


The analyzer lets you see what search engines bots see when they visit a website and read the meta tags placed in a page’s HTML code. The Meta Tag Analyzer tool will go over a web page content and its meta tags, analyze it and display the analysis results.


The analyzer will list your meta tags content, length and possible errors. With this information you can improve your meta tags content and correct any tags which may be wrongly coded.


Using our Meta Tag Analyzer tool is an important step in your SEO process. Search engines, although each may treat meta tags differently, use your meta tags to varying degrees in order to provide relevant and reliable search results for a user’s search query. If your meta tags are incorrect or poorly reflect a web page content, search engines may not index these pages or may rank them lower.


The tool is also useful in learning what your competitors do. By analyzing your competition web pages meta tags, the tool provides you with additional information about how you can improve your search ranking, your content and more.


Keeping your meta tags in good shape may increase traffic to your site. This tool is here to help you do that.



Provides an insight as to how search engine robots analyze your page or your competitors page


Displays the number of characters in a meta tag so the tags do not exceed the maximum number of characters allowed


Keywords analysis - lists keyword density, relevancy and ‘stop’ words such as “and”, “to”, “of” and other words which search engines prefer are not used as keywords


Tells you what your meta tags are asking robots to do: to index or not to index a page, follow or no to follow links from a page and other robot instructions in your tags


Absolutely free to use!

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