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Meta Tag Generator

Do you want your website indexed and ranking well on Google and other search engines? You got to get your meta tags right! Maxstore is making it easier for you to achieve just that.


Our Meta Tag Generator tool will generate the HTML code required for basic SEO, allowing search engine crawlers to properly index your site. It’s an easy to use tool producing standard meta tags according to your input, specific to your website and your marketing focus.


FIll in the required fields, click the captcha checkbox to confirm you are not a robot, then click the Generate Code button. Your clean, standardized new meta tags code will be created automatically and displayed in the bottom field. You can now click the Copy button on the lower left corner, go to your website and paste the code in the appropriate area, within the <head></head> tags.



Generate custom meta tags for: title, description and keywords

Ask search engine robots to index or ignore specific pages in your website

Allow or discourage robots to follow all links on a webpage

Specify the content type of your site by generating an http-equiv meta tag

Generate a meta tag specifying the language of your site

Ask search engines to revisit your site in a specified number of days according to your requirements

Add an Author meta tag

Produce standardized, error free code with a clean layout


What are meta tags and why do I need them

When you create a site and publish a page, search engines would like to know what this site is about and what the webpage content is about as well as some technical information. That’s where meta tags go to work.


Like the name implies, meta tags provide meta, or categorical information. They tell a search engine robot visiting your site that your site is about dog treats for example and that a specific page is about dog treats flavors in that context.


Meta tags also provide search robots with some technical information about websites and webpages, namely the type of content, the language used, whether to index a webpage or not, and if you would like the robot to visit all the pages and sites linked from a webpage.


It is important to use meta tags on your website as some search engine robots will rank a website lower if it has no such tags or if the tags are improperly written.


Use Maxstore’s Meta Tags Generator tool to make sure you have all the necessary meta tags and that they are technically properly written.

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